B-Man & mi-Shell


B-Man & mi-Shell live in Key West, Florida For years we’ve been known as B-Man & The MizzBeeHavens but since moving to Key West we ventured out as a duo team.  We do on occasions get back together and play as B-Man & The MizzBeeHavens so check out our upcoming tours and who knows you just might catch us all playing together. 

B-Man & mi-Shell’s music is influenced by many past and present artists that include Jimmy Buffett, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, John Prine, Steve Earle, Kenny Chesney just to name a few. We play a wide assortment of music to include Rock, Country Rock, Beach Country, Country, Blues, Jazz and Americana.  We’ve had many tell us our music is a “Nautical Americana” style sound.    

B-Man & mi-Shell enjoy living in their new home in Key West.  Such a wonderful community of people… the “One Human Family” as many refers to it…and in our view the “Gateway to the Caribbean”!

B-Man & mi-Shell are available for barbeques, house parties, club activity parties or special events. And we do love to travel and entertain throughout the Florida Keys, upper Florida, as well as Nationwide.  We’d love to come and be a part of your fun and hope to see you at our next gig.  Drop us an email and let us know if you have an event you would like B-Man & mi-Shell to be a part of your entertainment.